illustrator_apple_03Vectorization images

Vectorizing images means to transform a photo into a system of continuous curves called "vectors", whose main feature is to not lose quality as the size varies. This process is often also used to convert a photo into a sketch or to create synthetic diagrams for technical manuals.

MyEdit provides, to this effect, a highly professional service in the vectorization of objects and details to be used to show the removal or installation of mechanical parts if 3D technology is not considered necessary.


Elaborazione immagini

Photo editing

The term image processing regards all those procedures that improve an image or modify it so as to be used in particular way. To this effect, one of the most popular processes is the "contour-cutting" whereby the background is deleted or modified with respect to the main subject.

MyEdit has highly qualified staff for this and other types of photo-processing, thus allowing clients to have high-quality digital products at their disposal.

correzione cromatica immagini

Chromatic corrections

The objective of good color correction is to be able to reproduce credible colors on each output device, whether it be paper or a monitor. That is, eliminating dominant colors and aberrations caused by the camera. Moreover, the correction should be used to optimize the local contrast naturally without applying aggressive  sharpening which often come across as being  unrealistic.

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