sito webWeb sites

A website should communicate who you are to all possible users, and in particular to your main target. The messages must be clear and immediate and suitable to the type of product being offered. For this reason MyEdit offers tailored web solutions designed and created specifically for your company. A web location that can inform users about your products and your services in a simple and effective way. You tell us about your history, your dreams, your plans and we’ll sew your internet "dress" for you.

SMMSocial Media Marketing

The number of people on social networks has reached astonishing figures worldwide, and among these numbers the one billion and 150 million registered users on Facebook stand out. It goes without saying that the presence of companies on major social networks is currently one of the best channels through which to reach their reference target. MyEdit offers a specialized and tailored consulting service to all types of companies with services ranging from SMM courses to the creation and management of Facebook and Twitter company pages.

pizzaappAPP development for IOS and Android mobile devices

The wide-spread use of mobile devices made to easily view text content and images, such as smart-phones and tablets, poses new frontiers in communications. The usability of content and interaction with the user are the new challenges that companies need to respond to if they don’t want to risk losing their appeal with their target which, regardless of age and profession, is using more and more new tools to communicate and obtain information.

MyEdit designs digital publishing solutions, customized to adapt technical manuals to mobile devices and offers the best tools depending on the business needs. Interactive PDF, Epub with scrolling text, Epub fixed layout, App for iOS and Android: each of these solutions has its own features and peculiarities which are important to make your technical documentation more accessible and in line with the times.

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