MyEdit deals with the graphic design and preparation of technical manuals. Our professional staff, in collaboration with various relevant offices, creates the manual’s structure based on the standards required by national and international sector guidelines. Clear and concise manuals, which scrupulously analyzes the functioning of all components, should not be underestimated, not only because of their practical support for the end user but also because of their legal value. In fact dispute cases are not a rarity (with relative stoppage of payments) arising from the obvious inadequacy of the technical documents supplied. In this regard it is vital to distinguish between machinery intended for experienced users (i.e. machines intended for industrial use) and machinery intended for public use (i.e. appliances). In the first instance advanced technical language may be sufficient for proper use, yet in the second case there is the need to enable any person, even without any technical training, to use the above-mentioned equipment in complete safety. The technical documentation MyEdit produces consists mainly of:

  • usage and maintenance manuals
  • technical assistance manuals
  • process manuals
  • spare parts catalogs
  • exploded-view drawings
  • spare parts list
  • instruction and training manuals
  • Technical marketing and advertising documentation

MyEdit applies the most modern principles of visual communication to the development of Advanced Technical Documentation. The manuals and technical documentation are made using the main graphic and technical desktop publishing software, based on the client’s indications, which enable the company to make eventual changes to the source documents.

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