Modeling and 3D rendering are processes that define any three-dimensional sector. These processes are used in many fields including Industries, Architecture, Commercials and Movies.

MyEdit creates 3D models starting from any "base", whether it be cross-references or CAD drawings. Modeling is the first step to developing a great project, whether it be for photos or videos. These models can be easily incorporated into applications for digital devices to produce manuals and technical documents that are not only more interactive but also quite engaging.

MyEdit creates photorealistic renderings for any business need, from a photo shoot model to ad hoc compositing. 3d rendering usually solves problems like:

  • The model is still a prototype and therefore "non-existent".
  • The model is unlikely to be reached (i.e. small parts of a machine that are inaccessible with a camera).
  • The model is not easily transportable (i.e. large models that cannot be brought into photographic sets).

In addition the 3D model allows for freedom that is difficult to achieve with traditional photography, i.e. a part of the model available for the company has been improved or will have different colors etc... in this case with a three-dimensional model you simply need to edit the part you’re interested in and re-render.

3D Videos

Thanks to 3D technology, MyEdit makes tailored videos that are ideal for demonstration purposes where there is, for example, the need to view how a prototype functions which is not yet in the production line or inaccessible parts for traditional filming.

This technology may be also useful to clearly display the assembly/disassembly of certain maintenance components.